Let the DREAM come true

We are a Czech-English kindergarten located in a quiet area of Prague 6. We awaken interest in children and help them to realize their dreams. 

Dream preschool - děti

Individual approach

Creative activities

Lecturers with a respectful approach

Bilingual education system

Show me, tell me how, and I’ll do it on my own

We follow the Montessori principles. Our charges’ dreams and fantasies are our inspiration. Together, we work out how to transfer these things to real life, so that our charges can continue to leverage their creativity throughout their lives. We respect our charges’ independence and help them develop it in an easygoing environment. Under our kind supervision, our charges choose their own activities. Our priorities are to live each moment to the fullest and maintain good relationships with parents. We treat every child as a unique individual, with trust and respect. We also teach our charges mutual respect, tolerance, and setting boundaries.