Our phylosophy

We provide children with different avenues of discovery, with activities based on the Montessori principle of “show me, tell me how, and I’ll do it”, where the children themselves select their activities. We love children’s imagination and finding ways to link it to the real world so that it remains our charge’s lifelong companion. We laugh and live in the moment – this, as well as healthy relationships with children and parents, are our most important goals.

Our foundation is trust, comfort, and an individual approach. We see each of our charges as a unique individual deserving of respect; at the same time, we teach children to respect and tolerance each other.

Dream Team

We proudly present our team. We let our charges pick the questions.

What do you like about working with kids?

On no day of the week do I feel like this is a job. Our kids and the parents who know me know that, for me, it’s really just being with another family, where my mission is to provide kids with interesting stuff to do. I like to laugh, create and discover, just like a kid. The only time I actually feel like an adult is when I have to step in for safety, or help someone through an emotional crisis, like when a tower of blocks falls over.

I like to show kids that the journey is no less important than the destination. It’s true, the destination is what we tend to focus on, but the journey is where you have all the experiences, adventures, fulfillment and dreams come true. And those are the things we can tell our own children or the people around us, the things that inspire people to try it for themselves.

What was your dream when you were a kid?

When we’re kids, we want to be loved, to play, and to live our fantasies. I’m living my fantasy now. Every day, both with my own children and with our charges at the preschool, I play any number of roles. Now I’m a model sitting for little painters, now a singer, dancer, a secret adventure guide. That’s what I love most about what I do.

What do you like about working with kids?

I’ve loved little kids since I was barely older than them myself. I have four younger brothers, whom I helped take care of since they’d been born. I always loved to play with them. Kids give their love unconditionally, they lack prejudices, and their fantasy is limitless. If we could remain children forever, our lives would be happier, because children live the world here and now. They live only in the present moment, a fascinating ability that we adults should count ourselves lucky to learn from them.

What was your dream when you were a kid?

I had lots of dreams as a kid. A new one every day. The greatest of them was to save the whales. From that came another, to save kids in Africa, build a farm for abandoned animals with abandoned kids and care for the animals together. All my dreams involved saving someone or something… well, except for the one about being an actress.

What do you like about working with kids?

It’s my pleasure and honor to work with kids. Children are pure, and what we teach them, they will remember their whole lives. I love to laugh with them – it makes me feel like I’m still a kid myself, no worries, surrounded by love. My only care then is for their safety. I love to help kids create and develop their artistic skills, and to make wonderful memories with them.

Why do I like working with children?

I love the immediacy and honesty of children. They are very personable at preschool age and I enjoy approaching them individually. I enjoy being there as they discover the world, relationships and emotions.

What was my dream when I was little?

When I was little, I was always dancing and singing at home. I wanted to be a ballerina, but when I started taking violin and piano lessons, my path changed and I became attached to music. I am happiest when what I do brings joy to others.